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Wrestler of the Week: Teddy Schwandt

Teddy had his best tournament of the year and couldn't have come at a better time. After losing in the first round, his back was against the wall had no choice but to win 3 straight matches or have his season ended. Teddy did that in dominant fashion. He pinned his next 2 opponents in the first period and dominated his wrestleback match winning 13-2 to make it to next weekend. 

Jewel Lee-Howard comes back for the pin!

Technique Corner

Cary Kolat Stand Up

Recent Results

Case 54 P/H 24
Tremper 75 P/H 6
Oak Creek 60 P/H 18
ITA 60 P/H 24
P/H 41 Bradford 30
Franklin 77 P/H 0
St. Cat's/Lutheran 50 P/H 22

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